Teams that play well together,
work well together!

The Speakeasy will facilitate your group Team Building exercise.  Race the clock while your team is still on the clock; we love hosting team building during your work hours Monday-Friday.  

Your team building experience consists of video and lecture time in our lobby, explanation of the roles of effective teamwork, and assigning job roles (characters) to each member of your team.

Our gamemaster will make a determination on who plays which character during a brief "who's who" in our lobby.  You WILL be taken out of your comfort zone for this team building exercise!  
If you are normally a Director or Manager - you may very well become a lowly henchmen, taking orders from everyone else!

One round of Escape Room Team Building will take your group about two hours to complete; add on a double round and it takes about one more hour.  There is no minimum group size and 15 would be the max (but we can squeeze a few more players in if needed). 


The Muscle

This player is tasked with interacting with various devices, moving objects, scavenging for clues and just all-around grunt work.

Four Eyes

This player has the knack for public speaking and will be reading aloud all of the clues that are found.  Four Eyes will need to ensure the Boss and crew know everything that is going on.

The Banker
This player will collect and organize all of the items found during gameplay.  If an item is needed, the Banker will release possesion of it but expects to get it back!

Deep Thinker

Our crew will depend on this member heavily!  This player will be writing down and trying to decipher any puzzles that the team comes across.  The Deep Thinker may be asking the Boss for help, so pay attention in case the Boss pulls you in to help. 

The Boss

This player delegates work to the appropriate henchmen. If there is a question, the boss answers it or gets it answered. Nobody does nothin' unless the Boss says!


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