alt="Hampton Roads most immersive escape room experience. The Speakeasy offers room escape games, outdoor scavenger hunts, and party space rental. We are a great host for teambuilding, church retreats, school groups, date nights and birthday parties! Come check us out and you will surely be impressed! Scroll down for info on our things to do!"
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Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Our Puzzle Run games take you on a journey around beautiful Downtown Hampton, VA to solve each story.  No time constraints, stop for a sandwich or a beer if you'd like!  Your group will be searching for historical markers, landmarks, physical objects, art, and much more.  Your Puzzle Run book will guide you throughout the game and bring you back to Speakeasy to finish your mystery!

The Artist and the Architect

Puzzle Run, 4-10 players, mid level difficulty

Help find the one place that unites the artist and the architect in Downtown Hampton, somewhere that only two strongly passionate minds can agree is a masterpiece. Can you find it? 

Gangster's Paradise

Puzzle Run, 4-10 players, low level difficulty

The 1920’s were famous for its mobsters,  and we know one of them has hidden his dough here at the club. Help us figure out which one hid it with the help of his book!

The Whaler

Puzzle Run, 4-10 players, high level difficulty

Abigail Porter has enlisted your help to sift through the history of her father’s work and uncover the treasure of her great-great-grandfather, a noble whaler presumably from the Hampton area of Virginia...or is he?


26 W Queens Way
Hampton, VA 23661


Phone:  757 224 6044