Hampton Roads most immersive escape room experience.
The Speakeasy offers room escape games, outdoor scavenger hunts, and party space rental.  We are a great host for teambuilding, church retreats, school groups, date nights and birthday parties!  Come check us out and you will surely be impressed!  Scroll down for info on our things to do!

Escape the Witch Hunt

Single room, objective based experience, seasonal Halloween themed game

2 - 4 players, mid-level difficulty, 30-45 minute room, $40 for up to 4 players

We've rented out the apartment attached to the Blind Tiger Club to some old hag.  Turns out, she's a real witch!  Our customers keep coming up missing, so we need YOU to go in there and find all her elixirs that make up a PROTECTION POTION!

The Ghastly Flapper Escape Room

Multi-room, true escape experience

2-8 players, mid-level difficulty, 60 minute room, $25

The Music Box Theater's leading lady has gone missing.  This doll's name is Marie, and she is just who we need working at the Blind Tiger Club.  See if you can get the scoop and convince her to come work for the club.  We know the fuzz is after her too so time is of the essence.  We'll sneak ya out of the Tiger and into the backstage, but get out quick, we can only stall the cops for so long!  You will find physical  and digital locks that can be opened by finding combinations, hidden keys and codes using objects found in the rooms.

The Shine Shack Escape Room

Single room, objective based experience

2 - 4 players, mid-level difficulty, 60 minute room, $25

You're enjoying another night out at the Blind Tiger Club, a speakeasy serving local hooch.  Suddenly, the police are at the door ready to bust the joint!  You need to head back to the Shine Shack and hide away our moonshine operation before the coppers can drain our kegs.


Outdoor, scavenger hunt experiences

2-10 players, variety of difficulty levels, 60-180 minute, $45 per group

Have fun hitting the streets in beautiful Downtown Hampton, Historic Phoebus, and Fort Monroe while playing one of our puzzle-hunts.  These games are part escape room, part scavenger hunt, part sight seeing, and a lot of excitement!  Your team will begin the game after purchasing your book at Speakeasy and a quick narrative from our Gamemaster.  Each game takes place along a 1.5 mile route and can take approximately 1  to 3 hours depending on your speed, accuracy, and whether or not you take a food break at one of our great local eateries.  

Party Booking

Rent out the Speakeasy for your Event!

up to 24 people, 2.5 hours long, $300 

Enjoy your birthday, retirement, work group, church retreat, bachellorette, cocktail parties and more at Speakeasy Escape Room!!!  You get access to all 5 of our games!  

Gift Cards

Give the gift of escaping.  Our e-giftcards can be used for any of our escape rooms, puzzle-hunts, or t-shirts.  There are no blackout or expiration dates.


26 W Queens Way
Hampton, VA 23661


Email: info@speakeasyescape.com
Phone:  757 224 6044